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My name is Dyna Eldaief, I’m married with three beautiful children and I am considered high risk for breast cancer due to family history.

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We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to contribute to the ‘A Stitch In Time‘ film project.  Over the coming months we’ll be exploring a range of topic’s related to familial breast cancer.  If we haven’t explored an area you’re keen to learn more about or you’d like to ask a question, suggest a topic or share your story please don’t be a wall flower, get in touch with us.


Thank you to everyone who supported the successful crowdfunding campaign we ran in May.  We will receive the funds including the MATCH funds from Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund. This means we can continue making this important project. Yeah!


In addition to all the wonderful donations we received from individuals we’d like to acknowledge the contributions from

The Treasure Chest Charity and Breast Cancer Network Australia

Breast Cancer Prevention.  Aren’t you curious?

Breast Cancer Prevention. Aren’t you curious?

Getting Curious! Aren’t you a little bit curious about how you could change the outcomes on your personal breast cancer risk? “We’re not curious about things we don’t know a little bit about. We have to know a little bit about something to be curious about...

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What does prevention mean and why does it matter?

What does prevention mean and why does it matter?

'A stitch in time saves nine' is a proverb about prevention meaning 'If you sort out a problem immediately it may save extra work later'. It's all good in theory but not always easy in practice. We have many demands on our time so adding a bit more on health can feel...

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“I believe that information is vital in making an informed decision; however appointments with genetic councilors, doctors and breast surgeons can be daunting even to someone such as myself who has familiarity with the medical field.”

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