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I was dropping off boys at school when I got a call this morning (even before 9am) from the Risk management clinic at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Walking to class with the phone at one ear and a finger in the other I could only just make out what was being said over the top of the cacophony of school yard noise. I had left a message last week so I could book in a results appointment for the MRI scan I had last Friday. The scan was tiring, and of course I lump in with that getting kids to school, dropping the youngest off with grandparents for babysitting, catching the train to the city, a tram out to meet a friend for a meeting, then meeting another friend who chauffeured me to the hospital, waiting 50 minutes in the radiology waiting room, having 2 nurses and then a radiologist attend to me to get a cannula inserted correctly into my right arm, lying face down for 20 minutes of scanning and a few more extra to hook me up to the pump which injects the contrast medium into my vein. And finally, walking out dizzy and slightly nauseated back to the car to get dropped off at the station and in time to get home by 6.30pm. Hungry and tired and in serious need to take the night off from getting 3 kids to bed.

The scan itself went smoothly, no holding on to go to the toilet, no stifling of coughs, no itches, or discomfort just went floppy enough to pretend I was relaxing somewhere else. Allowing thoughts to drift in and out and counting as each scan was done. I secretly jumped for joy on the inside when I heard the radiographer say “this is the last scan”. It would last for 8 minutes and the contrast would be injected after 2 minutes. I started counting backwards from 120 so I knew when the contrast was going to start pumping into me. It still didn’t stop the cringe I got when the contrast hit my bloodstream and I smelled and almost tasted metal. That’s the time I can’t wait for it to be over.

I did think (I hoped and prayed) that was the last one. The last breast MRI. Ever. I was mentally taking it all in for the last time. My thoughts went to the upcoming surgery and for the first time I let it sink in that I wouldn’t need a breast MRI after that.

Having a 12 monthly MRI is not a big deal, but in just over a year I’ve had a mammogram and MRI, an MRI guided biopsy, a 6 month MRI, a breast ultrasound, and then a 3 month MRI (all with results appointments about a week later). Its worn me down. Im not looking forward to surgery but it sure makes more sense when I remind myself that I would be off the breast scanning treadmill. Now that’s a pleasant thought. Just to get through the next results appointment. Booked it in for Tuesday December 1st. I hope there are no new growths in this one, I hope none of the “lumps” have increased in size and I hope this is the last breast MRI results appointment I have to attend. Will wait and see…

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