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Basically, genetics tells me I don’t carry the gene, but I have not actually been tested. It was my mum who was inconclusive 10 years ago and now with new technology I’m told she carried a normal variant in her genes. Her blood sample has degraded but I’m told that the incidence in my family means that I fall into the category where the genetic implications giving rise to breast cancer in certain family groups are still unknown. I am still high risk of getting breast cancer even though my mum didn’t carry the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes.

Through my appointments this is what I’ve learned.  There are different types of mastectomies.  In a skin sparing and a nipple sparing mastectomy- The breast surgeon removes my breasts but there is an approximate 7% increase risk of cancer by keeping my skin and also keeping my nipple.

The plastic surgeon says all options are available to me. Implant or fat and if fat where to take it from. I prefer using my own fat (for various reasons including the fact I can spare it) and so decide that would be best. I like the idea of using my thighs since there is more there to use but the surgeon recommends the tummy and I find it hard to go past his recommendation. Tummy it is.

DIEP flap is the tissue everything between your belly button and pelvis, from the left to the right side of your body. The big piece is cut into 2 and shaped to make the 2 new breasts. They use the deep Inferior epigastric perforator vessels and use microsurgery to connect them up to the vessels in the armpit and give the new breasts their blood supply.

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